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Reno / Tahoe boasts a wide selection of restaurants including all-you-can eat buffets, steakhouses, Italian, Mexican, and Asian restaurants. Most national chains have restaurants in Reno and our detailed reviews tell you what you need to know to make the right choice. From casino buffets to intimate, romantic dining -- our Underground, Reno-local reviewers give you the straight scoop on where to eat in Reno, Nevada.

Reno Chinese Buffets

King Buffet - 3650 Kietzke @ South Virginia (Reno Nevada) 775-828-7997

Reno's largest Chinese buffet is located in an easy-to-find location at the parking lot of an old K-Mart. Well lit, with an almost "cafeteria style" atmosphere, the restaurant moves through a large number of people each day. All the basic Chinese favorites are here and the food quality is good.

We enjoy King Buffet, but the atmosphere is a bit lacking. The restaurant is often overly warm from the number of diners and the heat lamps for the food. Overall, we'd rate King Buffet a "B-". Adult dinners are $8 on weekends.

Other Chinese Buffets in Reno...

China Super Star Buffet - 160 West Plumb @ South Virginia (Reno Nevada) 775-825-8777

Reno's newest Chinese buffet is the closest to downtown Reno hotels. The food is a similar broad selection of hot Chinese dishes with a small family operated feel. The food is equal or better to King Buffet, but with a more relaxing atmosphere. A good variety of egg rolls, pot stickers, sweet and sour meats, and other favorites make Star Buffet a good choice. Overall, we'd rate Star Buffet a "B". Adult dinners are $8 on weekends.

For many visitors to Reno, our all-you-can-eat buffets are a prime attraction. Often featuring sliced prime rib, ham, and turkey - they offer hearty meals right in the casinos. You will find however... that particularly on weekends that buffets can represent a very large investment of time. On a Friday or Saturday night -- even early at 6pm -- you can easily wait for an hour to ninety minutes for a downtown or other popular buffet.

A great alternative -- particularly if you enjoy Chinese / Asian food -- are the three Chinese buffets in Reno. Offering great food with no waiting - these Chinese buffets are a delicious way to enjoy a Reno buffet with much less hassle. If Chinese food is what you are even seeking - their food quality is typically better than the casino buffets.

Expect to pay around $10 per person, and 50% off for children depending on the buffet. The buffets always include a light dessert and a variety of appetizers such as egg rolls, pot stickers, and soups. The main dishes can offer great variety of chicken, beef, and shrimp dishes -- with no waiting for your food. Some buffet's including Wong's Genghis Khan offer made-to-order Mongolian Barbecue included with your meal. You can put together your ideal dish and they cook it right up for you at no additional charge.

We've summarized the major Chinese buffets in Reno with contact information and their highlights:

China Super Star Buffet

Wong's Genghis Khan - 5485 Equity (Near East McCarran @ Mill Street - Reno Nevada)


Located in an out-of-the way location, Wong's has an impressive following of locals. We dined on a Friday night and found the restaurant at least 75% full throughout our meal. Wong's offers made-to-order Mongolian Barbeque, Sushi (not typically offered at other buffets), and all the Chinese favorites with dessert. Priced at $11/adult & $6/child in Fall 2004, the restaurant offered a nice variety of quality food. Service at Wong's is sub-par. There are basically 2 waitresses for the whole restaurant that also double as hostesses and cashiers. It is a family operated restaurant. Of course, a buffet doesn't take much service anyways. Overall, we'd rate Wong's a solid "B+".


Harrah's Tahoe Forest Buffet - South Lake Tahoe

Reno Hilton Lodge Buffet