Reno Rib Cookoff

Reno Event Review

You can smell the sweet, smoky haze wafting over the highway every year in Sparks. Its time for the Best in the West Nugget Rib Cookoff. Every grillmaster has their secret recipe from places like Texas, and Arkansas - this is a world-class cooking event.

Typically, almost 150,000 pounds of ribs are eaten by over 300,000 guests to this popular Reno / Sparks event. Victorian Square in Sparks is closed off for six blocks to make room for the grills, burning cherry-wood, and crowds of hungry people.

The challenge at the Rib cook-off is how to choose your ribs - do you choose the biggest stand? The stand with the longest line, the most awards? Most regulars to the Reno rib cookoff encourage going with a large group of friends. That way you can get slabs from many grillers -- and share a little with each of your friends to find your favorite.

The Checkered Pig was a Nevada winner in 2004.

The Nugget rib cookoff in Sparks is a nationally known rib cooking competition. Over 100,000 guests from across the country decscend on Victorian Square in Sparks to enjoy the food, sunshine, crafts, and music.

Official Site: Best in the West Nugget Rib Cookoff