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Reno 911! Movie - Releasing February 27, 2007

Reno 911!: Miami is scheduled for release in theaters February 23, 2007. The movie was shot in Miami, Florida and Southern California. The story is about the deputies being called in to save the day after a terrorist attack disrupts a national police convention in Miami Beach during spring break. You can check out the movie trailer right on this page above.

Reno 911 Episode Reviews

Comedy Central's Reno 911! is a spoof of the police documentary Cops. Former cast members from MTV's The State got together to create and star in this ‘copumentary'. A lot of what you see is improvised and the show moves a long at a fast pace that will have you rolling on the floor if you like shows like Saturday Night Live, MAD TV, Mr. Show, and The Kids in the Hall. Reno 911! Is a little bit Hill Street Blues meets The Naked Gun. The Reno Sheriff's Department patrols the streets of Reno responding to calls involving prostitutes, bums, drug addicts, and gun-toting hillbillies. A lot of attention is paid to capturing Reno stereotypes, such as white trash, trailer parks, prostitutes, liquor stores, gambling, etc. The show is set in Reno, but not filmed there – the palm trees are a dead give away. Aside from the quick shots of Downtown Reno, the Silver Legacy, Circus Circus, and the inside of a couple of strip clubs, nothing is shot in Reno. The writers do use original Reno street names like South Virginia and McCarran Boulevard. The show is just finishing up its third season and so far they are all quality. Seasons 1 and 2 are now out on DVD.


Cedric Yarbough ... Deputy S. Jones
Niecy Nash ... Deputy Raineesha Williams
Robert Ben Grant ... Deputy Travis Junior
Thomas Lennon ... Leiutenant Jim Dangle
Carlos Alazraqui ... Deputy James Garcia
Wendi McLendon-Covey ... Deputy Clementine Johnson
Kerry Kenney ... Deputy Trudy Weigel

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Reno 911! FAQ

Is there a Reno Sheriff's Department?

Not really. Washoe County (where Reno is located) has a sheriff's department that patrols all county areas, but Reno has its own Reno Police Department.

Are the Reno cops as bumbling as the officers on the show?

No, but they're not nearly so funny either!

Is prostitution really legal in Reno?

That's another liberty the show takes with the truth. Prostitution isn't legal in the large Nevada counties, like Washoe (Reno) and Clark (Las Vegas). It is legal in most surrounding counties, so you can find a hooker next door in Storey County (about 20 minutes away), but not in Reno. It certainly is an unusual aspect of the Reno area.

Is there a Tacos Tacos Tacos Tacos in Reno?

We do have Jimboy's Tacos, but no Tacos-Tacos-Tacos!

Do they film the TV show in Reno?

No, the opening shots and quick editing shots of the area are shot once a year. The show simply doesn't have the budget to shoot the entire season in Reno. If you look closely in many episodes, you'll see a stray palm tree or eucalyptus tree in the background, a sure tip off that's not Reno!

How come it never snows on the show?

See above! It snows in Reno, but you'll never see it on Reno 911!

Do local Reno residents really watch the show?

You bet your socks! It's hilarious, and we can laugh at ourselves here.

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