Reno 911 Reviews

Season 1, Episode 5 (105)

The Reno Sheriff's Department goes on a scavenger hunt.

I'm starting to see a pattern here. During the beginning of every episode to Season 1 one of Reno's 911's cop cars rear-ends another car. In this episode, they're cruising down Highway 395 trying to guess some radio trivia when the bash into another car. They're trying to win tickets to AV Grand at the Eldorado Hotel and Casino. They often mention Reno Hotels and Casinos in the show, but I thought that maybe this time they should have mentioned the Lawlor Events Center, or the Reno Events Center definitely better places for Reno Events.

At their morning meeting, Lieutenant Jim Dangle tells the officers that they just got two tickets to see a live execution at the Carson State Prison. How do they settle who gets the tickets? Well, they have a scavenger hunt of course! What do they have to get? Well, how about the best looking hooker, a crack head, a red foreign car, a perp with a wig, someone who is 6' 5", a perp with an animal tattoo, or somebody who is Jewish. This is where I finally had to draw the line. That's just not right. I mean, Jews, Blacks, White Trash, and hookers are fine, but leave the crack heads alone man.

Bistro Roxy's Lounge @
ElDorado Hotel Reno

Garcia and Jones make a funny team. This time they're sitting in their police car on Peckham Lane and Neil Road just down the street from the Atlantis Casino (great Reno Restaurants, btw) with nothing to do. They decide to order a pizza while sitting right outside of the pizza place. They tell the delivery guy they want the pizza in 30 minutes so when they he speeds by they bust him and steal the pizza. Pretty funny!

There's more crack heads, hookers, and white trash in this episode. Some get busted, some get maced. Trudy Weigel stops a red foreign car but forgets to put the patrol car in park and then locks herself out. She flags down another car and luckily the guy is over 6' 5" so she busts him. He has to drive his own car to the police station with her as passenger.

I'm surprised that the show's writers haven't tapped into making fun of Reno's passion for bowling. After all, Reno has the National Bowling Stadium and the Reno Hilton has tons of bowling lanes. C'mon guys tap into that stereotype.

Anyway, I won't spoil who wins the scavenger hunt.

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