Reno 911 Reviews

Season 1, Episode 4 (104)

Illegal Fireworks Bust

I noticed that in this episode they have shot quite a few more clips of Reno. In between scenes there are some shots of Garcia and Dangle cruising North on Highway 395, just before the Oddie Blvd. exit. They make a reference to Interstate 80, and there are also some shots of an unidentified Reno Sports Book.

We see a little bit more of Deputy Raineesha Williams in this episode. She goes on an illegal fireworks tip with Jones and ends up spraying the perpetrator in the face with her can of mace. Man she has a short temper!

Weigel and Clementine Johnson go on a prostitution sting on, guess where? That's right, they are standing on 4th Street (probably just down the road from the Sands) looking to turn tricks. Weigel is in a ridiculous bunny costume with her underwear sticking out everywhere.

The funniest part of this episode is when Jones and Garcia stop two guys who are just walking down the street. They make them lie face down on the concrete and yell and scream at them about two white guys in khaki pants wanted on an A.P.B. It turns out the two guys are Jehovah's witnesses. After they let the two guys go, Garcia says, "A.P.B my ass. God I love that!"

Dangle picks up a guy who is looking for a lost dog. This whole thing turns into a guy encounter. I have noticed that the Jim Dangle character is becoming increasingly gay, as if the tight shorts weren't enough. The two are driving around looking for the dog and sipping wine together while holding hands and patting each other on the leg pretty gay and pretty funny. Oh yeah, Dangle ends up getting his wallet stolen and maced in the process, by the gay guy nonetheless.

Also in this episode, Jones and Garcia bust a streaker. "We're gonna need backup, we got a naked white man!" The naked hillbilly running around is the same guy that they use in the beginning of Season 2 shows. Very skinny, very white trash, and very naked.

The Reno Sheriff's Department finally ends up catching the guy selling illegal fireworks. They confiscate all of the fireworks and have a little bottle rocket war in the desert (Washoe Canyon as they call it). As you can imagine, it's not long before the firework truck goes up in flames. Another job well done by Reno's finest.

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