Reno 911 Reviews

Season 1, Episode 3 (103)

The Deputies Get Married...

Reno's finest haul Deputy C. Johnson's boyfriend into the station, not to book him, but so he can propose to Clementine. He gets down on his knees and proposes with a ring from JCPenny! This is the first time we meet Steed Lankershim, and let me say, this guy has a sweet mullet!

Garcia and Jones respond to a call at the Desert Inn Hotel (some fake Reno hotel). They end up having to bust some guy for filming a movie with a blow up doll. The problem is they can't get a hold of him because he's smeared in baby oil. This scene with them rolling around on the bed trying to wrap the guy in a shower curtain is freakin' hilarious!

Dangle and Travis Junior go to a school to teach about the dangers of Crystal Methamphetamine. Dangle brings his guitar and with Junior on the tambourine they sing,

Don't meth with Meth Beth.

Don't meth with Meth Seth.

Don't meth with Meth Gwenyth.

Don't meth with Crystal Meth.

Deputy Trudy Weigel pays a visit to her mom's grave stone and packs a picnic for two. I think that Trudy Weigel is one of the funniest characters on the show. Just about everything out of her mouth is funny What a nut job! "My mom started collecting Beanie Babies about four years after she died." She then goes into an explanation about how she's trying to keep Asian people from being buried in that grave yard - She put up some flyers to spread the word.

The girl cops end up throwing a big bash for Deputy Clementine Johnson's bachelorette party. They start getting drunk just in time for the male strippers to show up. The strippers arrive dressed in police uniforms and start to get down to business. One of the guys stands out above all the others It's Deputy S. Jones and he's embarrassed to be there, but he gets into the groove fairly quick and is soon pouring milk on his naked body.

Lt. Dangle and Travis Junior pull over a DUI suspect only to discover Steed Lankershim behind the wheel. They decide to just let him go, but he keeps on pulling drugs and other paraphernalia out of his pockets and finally bashes his beer bottle on Dangle's face. The next day, we see Dangle playing the banjo at Steed and Clementine's wedding with a cut above his eye. I guess they never booked Steed because the next we see of him, he's kissing his bride and driving off in the Sex Machine.

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