Reno 911 Reviews

Season 1, Episode 2 (102)

Reno Burning Man festival stakeout...

In usual form, the show spares no race, religion, or handicap in order to garner laughs. In the second episode to season 1, Lieutenant Dangle goes on a prostitution sting and busts two hookers, but only after giving them lessons on improving their lesbian act. The intro to Reno 911! includes some great shots of Reno's most popular hotels, several popular Reno streets, and this time I noticed that there was a shot of a billboard advertisement for the Eldorado Hotel and Casino.

I thought it was original that they included a real Reno event such as Burning Man in this episode. Dangle, Junior, and Jones go out to bust some heads at Burning Man "Look out LSD heads, here comes Johnny Law!" Their undercover costumes are hilarious! They never do make it to the festival and end up lost after asking what appeared to be a "retarded fella" for directions.

Also in this episode, Garcia helps a crack whore off the street, Deputy C. Johnson goes on a Marijuana sting, and the mime gets his ass kicked again. The funniest moment of the second episode is when the Reno 911! officers have to skip out on their bill after lunch. They make a quick dash for the door in their burning man costumes No room for a wallet when you're wearing fairy wings and a thong!

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