Reno 911 Reviews

Season 1, Episode 1 (101)

"This is how we do it in Reno..."

Watch the Reno Sheriff's Department beat the crap out of a mime and then relax at a camp fire burning 60 pounds of confiscated marijuana. The first show is hilarious – The first scene opens with Deputy Garcia busting into a house and firing shots into his own surprise birthday party. Officer down! Meet the cast members in this first episode and learn why Lt. Dangle likes to wear his shorts so short AND tight. "I do not wear the regulation uniform… I gotta be able to move like a cheetah, a law enforcement cheetah". Lieutenant Jim Dangle is flagrantly gay and flagrantly funny. The first episode is brilliantly funny and definitely paved the way for the rest of the season's success. I almost died laughing when Deputy James Garcia billy-clubs the mime for imitating him. The show watches just like the show Cops- The fast pace and digital video quality make you feel like you are watching a hilarious documentary. This episode is shot nearby major Reno hotel-casinos including the Silver Legacy, Circus-Circus, and the El Dorado hotel.

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